Known for being “the closest thing to Willy Wonka since Gene Wilder left his home town of Milwaukee in the 1950s”, Steven S. Nicolet, founder and creator of the Kidz Confections ® brand, drove his artistic passion and excitement into the candy industry. Armed with years in advertising from the Big Apple, he executed his inspirations and rocked the sweet world in the 1980s. As a result, many of his creations contributed to the birth of the novelty candy era.

After creating, manufacturing and successfully selling numerous licensed and private labeled products, Kidz Confections® brands surpassed the “short lived” concept of novelty. Strong demands for our original concepts, exceptional quality of our products and attention to our team and customers, pushed our products out of the “in and out” one time buy and into the “everyday” category. Thanks to tremendous feedback, incremental profits and broad distribution, Kidz Confections® Originals continue to sell strongly across the globe.